Harvey survivor cannot get cabinets she paid for

A FOX 26 News viewer is out almost $24,000 to Houston-area cabinet company, specifically Signature Marble and Granite on the Katy Freeway

Brenda Williams is having to repair her entire house. Fortunately, she had flood insurance.

Williams said she liked the granite at Signature Marble and Granite. She signed a contract with Signature Marble and Granite to do her cabinets. She paid in full -- a check for $23,500!

The cabinets were supposed to be ready in December 2017, then January, then February. Still no cabinets.

"He took my money, he spent money on something else and now he cannot produce the cabinets and he doesn't want to refund me," said Williams.

When FOX 26 visited the store, salesman Abe Darawsha ran out through the back door.

Fifteen minutes later, Darawsha decided to talk. He told FOX 26 he won't do Williams' cabinets or refund her money because, according to him, Williams asked him to write bogus estimates so she could get more insurance money.

Williams denies any intent to defraud her insurance company. She did say she gave her insurance company Darawsha's quote for floors and cabinets but not to inflate anything.

Williams said she later decided his price for the floors was too high and opted for just the cabinets. 

"What I do see is a shady contractor who took advantage of someone at their worst time," said FOX 26 News senior legal analyst Chris Tritico.