Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo lowers COVID-19 threat level

Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo lowered the county's COVID-19 threat level to orange or Level 2 on Tuesday.

The COVID-19 threat level in Harris County has been set to red or Level 1 since June 2020.


Now that the threat level has decreased, Harris County will open all building occupancy to 50 percent capacity. Visitors to county buildings are still asked to wear masks and physical distance.

Starting Wednesday, libraries will also open at 50 percent capacity, but curbside service will still be offered.

At Level 1, county guidance advised residents to stay home and leave home only when getting essential needs like groceries.  Judge Hidalgo says the guidance under the new Level 2 category primarily applies to people who have not been vaccinated.

"Unvaccinated residents under threat level orange should continue to minimize contact with folks they don't live with. Avoiding especially, medium and large gatherings. Visiting businesses that follow public health guidance only. Unvaccinated residents should also continue to wear masks and to physical distance," Judge Hidalgo says.

Last week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention eased mask-wearing guidance for fully vaccinated people, allowing them to stop wearing masks outdoors in crowds and in most indoor settings.