Happy ending for two dogs found living under empty house

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They were patiently waiting for something that was never going to happen.

Their owner coming back.

“They’re protecting a house that’s not even a home anymore,” Robyn Flowers said after discovering the abandoned dogs. “It’s sad.”

And to make matters worse the rented home they were living under would soon be torn down.

It was a heart wrenching situation Flowers said she had to do something about.

She contacted us and White River Animal Rescue.

But the first thing needed to save these two was a foster home.

“Rescuing doesn’t work without fosters,” said White River Rescue’s Diana Brown. “We can’t take dogs out of dangerous situations if we have nowhere for them to go.”

That’s where Cindy and Reggie Hiller stepped in.

“We’d pick up strays and then tried to find them homes it’s just unorganized,” Reggie Hiller said. “We can’t really help that many dogs on our own.”

“They just needed a foster and we hadn’t fostered before so we thought we’d give it a shot,” said Cindy Hiller.

In addition to a temporary home these two now have names Zoey and Zack.

“They came to me pretty quick,” Flowers said.

Two weeks have passed but they obviously remember Robyn Flowers.

“And to see them now inside and clean and happy and eating,” said Flowers.

The rescue group paid the vet bills.

All the Hillers had to do was show them some love.

“We’ll definitely do it again,” Cindy Hiller said. “you’re just loving them that’s it no responsibility other than taking care of them.”

“Sometimes you can’t even save one dog by yourself,” Brown said. “But if you can play a small role in saving one dog you’re still making the world a better place, you’re still changing one dog’s story forever.” 

If you're interested in fostering a dog or cat visit: www.whiteriveranimalrescue.org.