Graduate students train in cybersecurity program

If war is politics by other means then so is hacking, at least when governments do it and U of H Professor Rakesh Verma says we are probably at war right now.

"I would say there is a low intensity right now but this could grow. This could grow further."

Last year, U of H was one of sixty schools across the country to start a CyberCorps Scholarships for Service Program.  It's a National Science Foundation effort to get graduate students training in cybersecurity and information security topics. Students get thirty-five thousand dollars a year in scholarships, and many get job offers before they even graduate. The only catch is you have to work for the government for the length of your scholarship. The need for these professionals is underscored by the massive data breach at the federal Office of Personnel Management, a breach that has led to bipartisan calls for Director Cathleen Archuleta to step down.

Well someone is being held accountable. Today President Obama accepted Archuleta's resignation.

Back at U of H, the Computer Science Department is developing anti phishing malware and intrusion detection software. Professor Verma says they are not in an academic ivory tower. They too are the front line.

"Our own server got hacked for several months and it resisted attack and we feel good about that."

Right now the program has four students enrolled. They hope to expand to twelve. It's a drop in the bucket. The Labor Department says the country needs 300,000 trained professionals in this field right now.