Government turns its back on U.S. Army vet with terminally ill child

“I feel lucky to have her when I wake up and I pray I still have her when I go to bed,” said Megan Salmon.

Doctors have told Salmon they’re amazed her 4-year-old daughter Lorelei is still with us. She has a terminal, rare syndrome that has left her blind with no muscle tone or head control. She has an average of 40 to 60 seizures a day.

“There’s been some very close calls. Just last year she fell into a coma,” Salmon said. “I chose to bring her home on hospice to give her the best quality of life she deserves.”

We all owe Lorelei’s mother our gratitude. She’s a U.S. Army veteran and works a full time job helping other vets. But the government is now turning its back on this vet.

“If it was their child they would care, absolutely they would,” said the frustrated mother.

Lorelei has been getting Social Security and Medicaid since birth.

But Social Security just told Salmon because of her salary, Lorelei no longer qualifies for Social Security Disability.

“It’s never been about the money. It is about the healthcare,” Salmon said.

Lorelei requires a skilled nurse along with medicine and medical supplies that would cost tens of thousands of dollars a month to pay out of pocket.

She says she’s getting nowhere trying to get Social Security and Medicaid to listen.

“It’s extremely exhausting. It’s heart wrenching,” Salmon said. “It makes me very angry it’s a constant fight and it’s not a fair one.”

The way it stands now Lorelei’s Medicaid coverage stops at the end of this month.

“It’s a death sentence if she does not receive that Medicaid,” Salmon said.

FOX 26 has been able to get the attention of the Social Security Administration and Salmon’s case is now under review.