Girl says she was repeatedly assaulted at charter school

SUGAR LAND, Texas (FOX 26) — She Is too embarrassed to give her name and afraid to show her face on camera. After all, she is only ten years old. But what she says happened to her back in November 2018 was no child's play. Another female student brutally attacked her in the hallway at her school.

"She was mad at something because she came from the office into the hallway and she was mad and said she was so mad she could smack someone," says the girl with tears streaming down her face. "She hit me against a locker."

The girl says she was dazed, temporarily lost her hearing and then had headaches for several days. That was not the first time, according to the girl's mother Dyna Beene.

"She was in the bathroom and a little girl choked her to the point of being unconscious." says Beene. "It was only by the grace of God that another student came into the bathroom, an older child, and helped."

Beene's daughter kept that attack to herself until the hallway incident then told her mother everything. She detailed alleged assaults dating back four months.

Beene and the girl's father complained to the school and say they had several meetings but could never get any solid answers about what would be done, but they did get assurances that they would watch out for her.

"They told us she would be safe," adds Beene. "We allowed her to go back the very next day. That day she was assaulted again."

The parents pulled the girl out of that school and filed a police report.

The Sugar Land Police Department launched an investigation on Dec. 10, 2018. A department spokesperson says the investigation is active but the school has provided no information despite being subpoenaed to do so.

Beene says she is frustrated and wants something done. She also says that since she began the process, she has heard from several parents with similar complaints.

"I think that they just want to keep pushing it under the rug," says Beene.

FOX 26 News has made repeated requests to the Harmony Schools for comment.