'Ghostbusters' Halloween decorations at Pa. restaurant earn praise: 'Whole town is talking about it'

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It's no sexy Mister Rogers, but it's already an early contender for this year's best Halloween costume.

Angelo's II, a restaurant and bar located on the ground floor of a building in Monongahela, Pa., is being praised for the Halloween decorations that are currently bursting out of the building's windows and exploding from its roof.

"The whole town is talking about it," a local Monongahela resident wrote on the restaurant's Facebook page, underneath a photo that shows the building covered in large green tentacles and topped with an inflatable Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man (from "Ghostbusters").

"Awesome," another wrote. "Made me smile driving thru town last night!"

Residents of Monongahela are apparently used to this kind of thing from Angelo's II, too. During Christmas, the restaurant placed an enormous inflatable Santa Claus on its roof, directly above a two-story decoration of a Christmas tree.

"We always decorate the building for holidays. Christmas, Easter, now Halloween," restaurant owner Ryan Dzimiera told Fox News. "This is the first year for Halloween."

Dzimiera added that the idea for the spooky look came from his Uncle Paul, who is "in charge" of the restaurant's decorations.

"The reason we do it is for the community and the kids," Dzimiera added. "Everyone in Monongahela loves all the decorations and looks forward to what's coming next."

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