‘Ghost baby’: Mom freaks out over what she sees on baby monitor

A mother got the scare of her life when she looked at the baby monitor recording her baby’s room and saw the face of a “ghost” baby sleeping next to her son.

“So last night I was positive there was a ghost baby in the bed with my son,” Maritza Cibuls shared in a post on her Facebook page, saying, “I was so freaked out. I barely slept.”

Unable to wrap her head around what she was seeing on the monitor, Cibuls decided to sneak into her son’s room with a flashlight while he was sleeping, but still couldn’t figure out what was causing the “ghost” baby she was seeing on her monitor.

Cibuls told herself that it must just be drool, writing, “To me, that was the only logical explanation.”

But she couldn’t stop looking at the baby monitor all night, trying to decide if she should wake her kids up.

Though discovering a paranormal visitor in your child’s crib would be a nightmare for any parent, the next morning brought Cibuls some much-needed clarity and peace of mind.

When she went back into her son’s room the next day to investigate further, she discovered that her husband had forgotten to put the mattress cover back on the bed when he changed the sheets, and the label on the mattress could be seen through the sheets.

Cibuls’s Facebook post has been shared nearly 300,000 times in just a few days, with many people commenting on the post that they would also freak out if they discovered something like this in their baby’s crib.

Many others shared in the hilarity of the simple mistake.

“Omg that’s hilarious!!” one person wrote, to which Cibuls responded, “haha it is now! Last night? Not so much lol.”

Cibuls isn’t the first parent to notice something weird and seemingly inexplicable on her baby monitor.

One Reddit user detailed the terrifying experience of babysitting for two children under 1 year of age when she noticed the figure of a man standing over one of the baby’s cribs. The man could be heard speaking through the monitor.

The babysitter checked to see what was lurking upstairs but found nothing, only to discover a week later that sometimes the baby monitor feed from the neighbor’s camera occasionally got switched with the one she was looking at.

In a comical post, another Reddit user detailed an instance in which they thought a ghost was hovering and swirling over their infant son in his crib, later realizing that the camera light in the child’s bedroom was reflecting off of the vapor from a humidifier which the family had installed earlier in the day.

“LOL. Ghosts, I knew I didn't believe in those,” the user wrote.