Getting help when you're a victim of domestic violence

It was a brutal scene captured on video at the Metro rail platform in downtown Houston near the Theater District. 

On October 17 an unidentified woman found herself being choked on the lightrail platform by a man officers say is her significant other. 

It was captured on surveillance video and provided to Fox 26 news. 

At one point the man slams the woman's head into the train on Capitol at Smith.

All of this while her two children are watching according to those familiar with the case.

As we approach the holiday season and while most of us are out shopping and preparing for families to arrive there are some who are under tremendous pressure to meet the expectations of the holidays.

Houston attorney and domestic violence expert Jolanda Jones says it's the spark to the fire at this time of year.

She says, "people have money they're giving gifts. If you're struggling then you act out and you drink a lot."

Jones says the holidays bring a deadly mix for some, especially during New Years Eve when some women make that resolution.

"You're more likely to be abused when you're leaving and so sometimes make New Years resolutions I'm leaving," says Jones.

A spokesperson for Metro says their officers investigated the case and took it to the Harris County District Attorney's office but the victim refused to cooperate.

Jones says this is not unusual but there are ways around a victim who just want it to stop.

She says you should first call 911 and then seek the assistant of the Houston Area Women's Center.