Gents Program shows boys how to become leaders

Every parent wants to their child to be successful. One program at a Houston-area school is teaching boys what it takes to become leaders. The Gents Program at Quail Valley Elementary School is already changing lives. The boys are soaring academically and even more remarkable, those as young as 9 years old say they want to be role models for children even younger than themselves.

If learning to tie a tie is the key to success, these 'gents' are determined to make a name for themselves.            

“If you’re gonna be a gent, you have to be proactive you, you have to set examples for not just the little ones but the whole school,” third grade student Caydan Slater said.

“If my parents are stressed out, I can give them a cup of coffee, I can fold the clothes, the laundry and all that,” fourth grade student Joshua Dantas said.

These boys are superstars, part of the Quail Valley Gents Program, in which 55 boys participate. Mr. Mouton is their superhero.

“We need to keep our young men out in the world making it a better place versus in the prisons,” Cleveland Mouton said.

“It's tough today," Randy Hartley said. "You have families that are broken and for anybody here to be a role model that's special.” 

They focus on etiquette and good manners.

“With the kids nowadays, everybody doesn't grow up 'Yes ma'am, no ma'am,' so we have to make sure we instill those characteristics and those habits in our students so they can grow up to be successful and be leaders,” Mouton said.

Just 9 and 10 years old, they know words are powerful but giving back and actions mean so much more.          

“I use to get home and just watch TV, but now when I get home, as soon as I get home, I get in the door and do my homework,” Slater said.

Hartley gave $1,000 to make the program possible. Once the school raises another $1,000, he plans to match that amount. Here’s the crowdfunding site for that program: