Garden Oaks residents see several package thefts

Just after Cyber Monday, a few families in the Garden Oaks neighborhood reported that packages had been stolen from their doorsteps.

Jean Tatum says she even witnessed it happening to a neighbors house across the street. "She got out of the car, walked up to the house, picked up a package very nonchalantly and walked in the car, she got in the car, they just backed real slowly and went off down the street," says Tatum.

Another woman sent up video of a woman walking up to her front door, grabbing the box and leaving in a blue car. When neighbors compared stories they realized it was the same person.

"I had seen more videos and pictures off of somebody else's surveillance so the word just kept going around and around and also there was more packages that had been stolen from that same person," says Zoe Riley.

Tech experts say if you're going to have packages delivered to your door, you might want to think about getting surveillance cameras.

"Make sure that your internet connection is safe before you install a camera like that," says Juan Torres. He also says, "make sure the cameras are recording at all times and you're able to watch through the app and that they are recording constantly."

There are many types of cameras you can buy too. Some record just video, others also record audio.

Tatum says it's not a bad idea. "Actually I've been thinking about it real seriously and maybe I will," says Tatum.