FOX 26 gets close up look at new bus routes that have Magnolia ISD parents angry

Parents are so angry over Magnolia ISD's new bus routes it was standing room only at Monday nights school board meeting.

"Something needs to give this is not what we deserve," said Pauline Mendoza.

"I want to make sure my kids get there safely and they should too," Kimberly Landeche said.

"No sidewalks no lights," said Landeche.

But parents say there are plenty of sex offenders along the long walk to the new bus stops.

"We have children walking a quarter of a mile in 104 degrees," Landeche said. "I know a friend of mine that lives on the other side of Magnolia her child is expected to walk two point two miles a 45-minute walk in heat advisory weather."

This is one of three daily bus dropoffs at Decker Hills and Dobbin Huffsmith.

To avoid having their children walk a mile or more parents line up on both sides of the street.

As one bus arrived to unload kids fire trucks were trying to get to a house fire in the neighborhood.

"We had a fire truck come up through here there was no where for them to go the cars were blocking them," Mendoza said.

"The bus was unloading children the fire truck had to honk to get the kids out of the way."

Some parents are telling school board members to go back to the way it was or else.

"We have Ben here longer than they have been board members," said Mendoza. "We're not moving we're not budging."

The school board blames the change in bus routes to a bus driver shortage.