Fourth of July celebrations limited due to COVID-19

Fourth of July celebrations are limited this year. It’s the sacrifice we all must make to help slow the spread of the Coronavirus.

Bars are shut down, beaches are closed and now it’s mandatory to wear a mask outdoors when you're around other people.

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It’s obstacles Houstonians are trying to overcome to have a safe and fun Fourth of July weekend. Raz Velez plans on spending the weekend out on Lake Conroe.

“Just coming out here enjoying our freedom basically, that’s it...a couple of my friends came out here, we brought our jet ski, we will go out there and have some fun, do some wakeboarding, tubing on the jet ski. Enjoy the lake as it is.“

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County parks and lakes are open this weekend, while social distancing rules will be enforced. Wearing a mask is now mandatory inside public buildings and outdoors, if it’s not possible to keep six feet away from people. Not doing so will cost you a fine of $250.

“I feel like with something like this, like you need something like that. There’s a lot going on in the world right now, and people need peace of mind to think clearly,“ says Brit Young, who agrees with the mandate.

Velez says they are aware of the threat of the disease and plan on following the rules.


“We all keep our distance on the boats. On the lake, you kind of just like wave along to other people, but the people you bring are just like family members and close friends and we’ve all been in quarantine and we just come out here and enjoy.”

Some public spaces were empty, showing that many chose to celebrate at home.

“It doesn’t seem really that different. I mean, I do see people practicing the social distancing as you can see, but it’s just a normal day. Nothing don’t feel different.“ says Young, who plans on going out of town.

Of course, it’s not the Fourth of July without fireworks. While you can drive out to see them at some locations and enjoy them from your car, you can also enjoy the Freedom Over Texas show virtually that takes place in downtown Houston. You can find all the information here