Fort Bend Sheriff's Office holds Citizens Academy class to share officer experiences

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Law enforcement officers in Fort Bend County are showing citizens what they go through on a daily basis.

The Fort Bend Sheriff's Office had their "Shoot, Dont Shoot" training session with their Citizens Academy, in which members of the public learn what decisions police officers have to make when they decide to shoot someone.

“I've actually learned something new every single week, from the meals that they do at the jail -- we actually got to taste them -- to what a patrol officer goes through every single evening,” said Catherine Feiser, a Fort Bend Citizens Academy member.

“It's really easy to judge after the fact versus when it's happening, and we’ll put them through some scenarios today that kind of get them insight into how quick you have to make a decision, whether it's hands-on intermediate weapon or if you have to resort to deadly force,” said Sergeant Casey Schmidt with the Fort Bend Sheriff’s Office.

The scenarios, some of which are taken from real cases, were difficult.

Many academy members shot at the bad guys too early or too late and discovered how tough the job can be.

“They've got wives, they’ve got children, they’ve got husbands, and they're just doing their job trying to keep us all safe and so the demonizing that happens is pretty ridiculous. These people are just like us, and they're doing the best they can," said Clayton Bodell, a Fort Bend Citizens Academy member.

If you’re interested in becoming a part the class, the next Fort Bend Citizens Academy  starts next January.

But if you'd like to go one step higher, the Fort Bend Sheriff's Office is currently taking applications for their next police academy class.

Here is the link to the Fort Bend Sheriff’s Office: