Former officer describes being named suspect in deputy's death

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When news broke that someone had ambushed and killed Harris County Precinct 3 Constable's Office Assistant Chief Clinton Greenwood, many people were in shock, but few were as shocked as William Marks.

"I couldn't believe it," says Marks. "I was in disbelief.” But then his disbelief turned to fear because he knew police would come searching for him.

"Whenever anyone injures or kills a police officer, they're hunted down with a certain amount of zeal and sometimes they don't even make it to the jail," describes Marks. "I was in fear when I heard I was named a suspect." He says this as a former small town officer. He was named a suspect because he has been locked in a legal duel with Greenwood for years and his former employer, the Harris County District Attorney's Office knows about it.

Greenwood filed criminal charges against Marks, who has filed a lawsuit against Greenwood alleging civil rights violations stemming from those same criminal charges. He says despite the suspicion, he is innocent.

“I had absolutely nothing to do with that man’s death," explains Marks. "I know no one who is implicated in or involved with that.”

Marks says he was picked up and questioned for twelve hours over a two-day period. They searched his cell phone and gave him a polygraph test before they released him. Is he a suspect? A spokesman for the Baytown Police Department released the following statement:

Despite Greenwood’s death, Marks says his lawsuit is continuing.

“It's still pending -- after five years it’s still pending,” says Marks. However, FOX 26 News has learned that the case has been pulled off the active docket pending the outcome of the criminal cases.