Former Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst allegedly assaulted by girlfriend

On a now well-viewed TikTok video there are images and sounds of a more harmonious time for the former Lt. Governor of Texas and his 40-year-old girlfriend Leslie Caron.

But on May 13th David Dewhurst’s “May to December” romance turned downright dangerous inside his River Oaks townhome when a verbal dispute turned physical and the 74-year-old was allegedly kicked in the ribs.

“All the physical violence started with a verbal argument,” said Mary McFadden, Assistant Harris County District Attorney.

After the initial attack, McFadden says Caron left Dewhurst’s home only to return four days later and unleash a second more serious assault.

“She again kicked him in the ribs. She then struck him with a pot. She scratched him on the arm and I believe she also bit him on the hand,” said McFadden. 

Dewhurst, once among the most powerful politicians in Texas, sought medical treatment and learned he’d suffered two broken ribs. Caron, who claims she was a fundraiser at Houston’s St. John the Divine Church, was arrested and criminally charged.

At a hearing before a magistrate, Wednesday Caron learned that she could face prison if convicted of assaulting a person over the age of 65.

Investigators say Caron is claiming innocence and accusing Dewhurst of lying. Prosecutor McFadden believes the evidence will prove otherwise.

“I feel very confident that the injury to an elder which is a felony and carries the penalty of two years to 10 years in prison or on probation, if appropriate is, the appropriate charge given the allegations and the facts we know right now,” said McFadden.

Bond for Caron was set at $10,000.

Dewhurst sent Fox 26 the following statement:

"I’m not interested in filing any charges against Leslie. She’s a remarkable woman with many fine attributes. I wish her all the best in life."