Florida man smashes car windows, says 'I did it because Donald Trump owes me 1 trillion dollars'

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A Florida man went on a vandalism crime spree because he claimed that President Donald Trump owed him money.

The Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office arrested 30-year-old Justin James Wilson on Monday.

According to deputies, Wilson, who deputies say is homeless, smashed at least 20 car windows out that were parked at the Holiday Inn Resort on Okaloosa Island. Deputies say he caused at least $30,000 in damage.

"Witnesses say Wilson used rocks and a belt buckle to smash windows and beat the cars," the sheriff's office wrote on Facebook. "Responding deputies found Wilson in front of the business, passed out on a bench."

When questioned by authorities, they say he admitted to breaking the windows, saying “Take me to jail. I did it because Donald Trump owes me one trillion dollars and these vehicles belong to the mafia.”

Wilson is facing 14 counts of felony criminal mischief and 6 counts misdemeanor criminal mischief.

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