First grader missing for 30 minutes after getting off wrong bus stop in Richmond

On Tuesday, FOX 26 told you about a seven-year-old boy in Spring who was dropped off at the wrong bus stop, then dropped off at his Klein ISD school by a stranger. Unfortunately, the same thing happened in Fort Bend ISD.

Six-year-old Trenton and his 11-year-old sister Mariah are new students at Oakland Elementary. They rode the bus together at their previous school without a problem, but that changed last Friday -- the first time they rode the bus home from school.

They were separated by grade and by gender on the bus. Mariah was on the back of the bus, when her brother got off at the wrong stop. It wasn't until she went to get off at their stop that she realized her little brother was gone.

“I started crying really hard, and I felt really bad because I thought everything was my fault, because I was supposed to be watching him." She tells us she was the one who then called her mother to tell her the news.

“That’s when she told me, you know, we can’t find Trent. You know, I automatically went into shock like what do you mean you can’t find him? I was in panic,” says Ternton's mother Idia Osaren.

Trenton’s mother and sister searched for 30 minutes with no luck, all the while wondering how could this have happened.

“They had a tag on their backpack with the drop stop, which is correct for, you know, our bus stop. That wasn’t read apparently,” says Osaren.

Turns out a good Samaritan found Trenton, and took him back to Oakland Elementary. When his mother asked who brought him back, she says the school couldn’t give her a straight answer.

Fort Bend ISD issued this statement:

Fort Bend ISD was made aware of this incident and have already spoken to the parent about the situation. While some of the details of the story are still being investigated, we are committed to student safety and take incidents like this very seriously. The District is also reviewing our current procedures and is making improvements in order to ensure something like this does not happen again.

Unfortunately, the damage has been done, and the two children will no longer ride the bus to school. Fort Bend ISD tells us they will take appropriate action once they finish their investigation.