FEMA approved trailer removed from family's property

A family devastated by Harvey is frustrated after an approved FEMA trailer was delivered to their property in Humble only to be hauled away a few days later.

Kenneth and Deborah Miller were granted a trailer from FEMA. That trailer arrived the day before Thanksgiving. To their surprise, so did the Humble Fire Marshall who said the trailer could not stay.

"One nightmare, turning into another nightmare, and it just keeps getting worse," said Kenneth Miller.

Kenneth is disabled and typically lives in a wheelchair, but is now forced to use a cane and braces since he lost his wheels in Harvey.

"Again, we have no insurance, I'm not getting no financial help from nobody, I'm on social security," said Kenneth.

Also nearly lost in Harvey, the Miller's home.

"We had 10 and a half feet of water in the house. Lost everything. We have no insurance," said Kenneth.

It was last week when FEMA delivered a trailer to the Miller's in Humble as they've been living out of a FEMA funded hotel and expenses were piling up.

"So we're stuck in a hotel still," said Kenneth.

Stuck in a hotel because as soon as it arrived on Wednesday so did the Humble Fire Marshall.

"He told me that evening that I was facing thousands of dollars in fines," said Kenneth.

So faced with a tough decision, the Miller's agreed to have the FEMA trailer hauled away, but that's when the head scratching began.

"I don't know if the Homeowners Association from Northshire or who it was, but I think somebody called the Fire Marshall and had them take it out of here. I don't know who it was."

We called the City of Humble. The Assistant City Manager said the mobile home was a safety issue. He also said while FEMA may have contacted the Millers, they did not contact the city.

The City of Humble is planning to meet with the Homeowner's Association on Wednesday, November 29, to address these issues. The goal is to resolve these issues before more residents begin requesting such trailers.