Family sues Tomball senior living facility after 92-year-old patient mauled by dog

A Tomball woman with advanced Alzheimer's claims she was attacked and mauled by a dog that's owned by her senior living facility.

Her family is now suing Village Green Alzheimer's Care in Tomball.

They say they are trying to legally prevent the facility from getting rid of any evidence.

Court documents say Norma was living at the facility last month when the dog was allowed to freely roam the halls.

One day, the dog reportedly bit her and caused a skin tear on the left side of her nose. According to her attorney, Village Green attempted to conceal the incident by documenting in an injury report that they did not know how the wound occurred.

However, just 10 days later, court documents say the same dog attacked Norma again. This time the dog "knocked her off her feet and mauled her face." The incident was captured on video.

Norma's family says the facility initially lied and said she had fallen. Not until later was it admitted that her injuries were from a dog attack.

The family's attorney says the facility's decision to allow an untrained, stray dog to roam the halls was negligent in a room full of advanced Alzheimer's patients. Attorneys believe the stray dog was not properly or formally adopted by the owner's daughter.

The facility is now prevented from destroying, tampering or altering any video 90 days prior to Feb 22 and then 30 days after that date.