Family of Liberty Co. Sheriff's Deputy killed 27 years ago still seeking justice

"I would love for my dad's murder to be solved in my lifetime," said Ali Agy-Bechtel.

Sometimes it's the not knowing that hurts the most.


"I know I'm going to see him again in heaven and that's what I look forward to," said Rita Agy.

Agy says she knew being a police officer was in her late husband, Will's blood.

"You survived Vietnam. I really didn't want him to go into law enforcement, but he said a man has to do what a man has to do," she said.

Will Agy, a father of two daughters, worked at Sour Lake and Dayton Police Departments before spending eight years as a Liberty County sheriff's deputy.

He was killed on April 5, 1995, while working a security job at a video store on Fondren.

"He was standing at the counter and had his back to the door. When they saw my husband, they rushed him, tackled him to the floor, and shot him in the head," Agy said. "He died instantly. He didn't suffer. I was so grateful for that."


"There's someone out there who killed my dad, traumatized 11 witnesses, including one young clerk for $300," Agy-Bechtel said.

"No one deserves to live with that unknown, much less these people. They are wonderful people," said Herbert Sims with Operation Blue Remembrance.

The two gunmen were wearing masks.

An age progression was done on a composite drawing made in August 1996.

This is what one of the men would look like today.

"I was really angry. The good Lord took that burden away from me," said Agy. "I forgive the killers. I hate the crime. I hate to hear about officers getting killed, and I had to forgive."


"I'm hopeful. I still have to protect my heart, because this is torture," said Agy-Bechtel. "But if there's anything that can be done, if anybody even thinks they know anything, even if they're wrong, call it in, it can't hurt."