Family of Joshua Johnson react to grand jury decision

The parents of 35-year-old Joshua Johnson are continuing their quest for answers.

Richard and Wilhelmena Beary were at a press conference with Congressman Al Green a day after a Harris County grand jury declined to indict the sheriff's deputy who killed Johnson. about a year ago.

The Bearys were too heartbroken to speak. Instead, James Hudson, their spokesperson described their devastation.

"We're just left here with those two words, 'no bill' and that is 'not right,'" Hudson emphasized.


"This was painful because there are still questions that haven't been answered with reference to their son and what happened to him. This does not close the case for them. It's not over for them because this is all that they know," said Green lifting a sign that reads 'no bill.' "They don't know what was said to the grand jury.

They don't know what the ballistics report revealed."

According to officials, on April 22, 2020, Johnson was watching over his sick neighbor's house in Missouri City. Johnson noticed a strange car in the neighborhood and approached the car with a BB gun. The deputy was inside the car was working undercover looking for a murder suspect. The deputy opened fire and shot Johnson multiple times.


Green says the first thing they are going to do is pray.

"To pray for peace for our country and pray for our law enforcement and pray for the prosecution. We're going to church tomorrow. The 4 of us," Green.

Next, Green says the Harris County district attorney's office agreed to meet with them on Thursday. 

"Thereafter we will announce what we will do next. We're taking this one step at a time but it's very important as Mrs. Beary has said, this is not over. We will pursue this," Green concluded.