Family of Daunte Wright in Houston, criticize Minnesota investigators for not upgrading charges

Elaine Walls, the great-grandmother of Daunte Wright, is speaking out after the 20-year-old was fatally shot by Minnesota police. 

Walls is a retired Cooks County Sheriff’s Deputy from Chicago, who now lives in the Sharpstown neighborhood of Houston. 

Walls remembers her great grandson as a playful young boy. 

"Some people say he was a little quick to get scared, but he was a real nice, sweet young man," Walls said. 

Walls said she was shocked to watch that video of Wright getting treated by police in such an aggressive manner. 

Walls believes the Brooklyn Center Police Officer Kim Potter, who killed Wright, knew what she was doing as a 26-year trained veteran of the department. 

"She knows the difference between a taser and a gun. A gun is heavier. A taser’s light. She didn’t have to kill him. She could’ve shot him anywhere else, just to stop him," Walls said. 


Body camera footage captured the tense moments leading up to that deadly shooting. Investigators say the 20-year-old was pulled over for driving with an expired registration, when the situation escalated. 

Walls said Wright was small in stature and didn’t need multiple officers to subdue him. 

"Once you handcuff anyone, everyone knows you don’t hit or shoot nobody. They’re handcuffed now. All you do now is take them to jail. A little man, handcuffed and they shoot him. Cold blooded murder," Walls said. 

As protests continue nationwide calling for justice for Daunte Wright, Walls said she’s thankful for the support but believes the second degree manslaughter charges against Potter, should’ve been upgraded. 

"There’s a lot of good police out there. Some of you just happen to find a bad one and that’s what she was, a bad one," Walls said. 


Walls adds she thinks the department should’ve fired officer Potter, instead of letting her resign. 

Walls said she was planning on driving up to Minnesota this weekend to be with family but decided to fly instead, out of fear. 

"You drive your car up there, they might pull you over and you might end up getting killed," Walls said. 

Walls said Wright's funeral is scheduled for next Thursday.