Family of 9-year-old Arlene Alvarez, shot and killed by a robbery victim, demanding justice

The family of a 9-year-old Arlene Alvarez held a candlelight vigil to honor her Wednesday.

Just a day before, the 4th grader died at the hospital after she was shot by a robbery victim. The man says he was attempting to retaliate at the perpetrator Monday night but shot at the wrong car. 

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On Wednesday afternoon, the family held a news conference demanding justice after her suspected shooter was granted a $100,000 bond by a judge Tuesday night.  

"She had told me she wanted to be on TV because she wanted to be viral at the time," said Wendy Alvarez, Arlene's mother. "But this is not the way I wanted my baby to be viral."

"They told me, ma'am, I’m so sorry, but she’s brain-dead," Wendy added. "And I said I just want to have her with me. And they just had her with the machine, and they said there’s nothing we can do, she’s already dead. She’s not going to make it."

Police say Arlene was in the backseat with her two brothers, when a man getting robbed at the Chase Bank off Woodridge Drive shot at her parent's truck, thinking they were involved. 

"I told everyone to get down," said Armando Alvarez, Arlene's father. "Arlene’s the only that didn’t get down. She had her headphones in."

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"We were like ‘duck down, duck down Arlene!’ But I didn’t scream loud enough," he added. "I didn’t know she had her earphones on."

The suspected shooter, 41-year-old Tony D. Earls appeared in court Tuesday night where a judge set his bond set at $100,000. 

Arlene’s parents are stunned. 

"I didn’t even know how to call 911 whenever that’s like the easiest thing that you could do," Wendy said. "To see my daughter, they took us in the ambulance. The moment that they told me they couldn’t do nothing. I didn’t want to let her go."

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The family’s attorney now considering legal action against Chase bank, citing a violent history at that location. He also adds Arlene’s death may have been prevented, citing a violent history at that Chase location. In October, a woman was shot and killed there.