Family goes to court to prove lost dog belongs to them, wins pet back with DNA evidence

Little Man might be small but he left huge holes in a lot of hearts.

Not only was his human family heartbroken, but Little Man's father, mother, and sister were constantly looking for him.

"He's like a family member," said the dog's owner Cristal Navarro. "He's not a puppy, he's a member of the family "

Last May, Little Man's big curiosity got the best of him. He slipped through the fence while no one was looking. The family put out posters and flyers.

"We put them everywhere in this area and on social media," Navarro said.

Two months pass. Navarro's high school age son sees a classmate's Instagram post showing off her new dog. The family had no doubt the dog was Little Man.

They offered the girl $500 to return the dog.

"No, she's keeping the dog. 'Do whatever you want,' she said," Navarro recalled.

"The defendants were pretty vehement that they found a lost dog. They tried to say they bought it, but there were no papers, no proof of the purchase," said attorney Alberto Ruiz.

On their first trip to court, Little Man's owner had a vet report stating he was 2 years old. But the other family also had a vet that said the teacup Yorkshire Terrier was only 7 months old.

Then the judge ordered DNA testing.

The family proved Little Man was their dog because they also own his parents and sister.

Now Little Man is back home from his big adventure.

"The beautiful thing about the timing of this is its Thanksgiving and it's about family," Ruiz said.

"Now we are complete," said Navarro.