Family demands answers after loved one died from Coronavirus outbreak in Katy rehab facility

Earlier this week, FOX 26 told you about a rehabilitation facility that was placed on lockdown due to an outbreak of COVID-19, leaving several people dead. We spoke with the family of one of the family members who lost a loved one. 

Blake Haynes said his mother, Gwendolyn Haynes, was admitted to Sterling Oaks Rehabilitation facility in Katy so she could receive proper care after suffering a stroke. His family was expecting her to recover and come home within a few months, but July would be the last time he would see his mother alive.

“At first, they said it was due to medication. She got a fever, and then she was going, her vitals were dropping in and out. So I was like, man, this sounds like Covid symptoms. What they was informing me was it was due to medication and what not, but then I was like man this sounds like the same stuff like the Covid stuff that everything that they described on the news,“ said Haynes.

Two weeks after he learned she was positive for the Coronavirus, his 68-year-old mother was rushed to a hospital and died on August 1.

To date, 15 residents have passed away at Sterling Oaks Rehabilitation facility in Katy. Six of those deaths are attributed to COVID-19, the other nine are pending while Harris County Public Health conducts their investigation.

Gwendolyn’s son says he was alerted by the staff that an employee had tested positive, but due to the pandemic he wasn’t able to transfer his mother to another facility.

“I want to see my mom, and like I said due to Covid, no one give me answers. Everything is over the phone, so I really couldn’t talk or find out what’s going on with her. So I was, I was pissed!“ 

Like so many others, Gwendolyn passed away without her family by her side. Her son hoping that something is done so another family doesn’t have to experience what they went through. 


“She wasn’t 100% healthy, but she didn’t have Covid. So, I would at least like to see them get some type of reprimand for infecting and killing these people. I think they could’ve handled the situation a whole lot better,” said Haynes.

We reached out to Sterling Oaks Rehabilitation for an updated response on this situation. We are still waiting on a response.