Families find way to enjoy Easter Sunday despite social distancing

This Easter weekend has certainly called for families to find alternative ways to celebrate and get together.

Many families tuned into virtual church services and relied on Zoom and FaceTime to connect with one another. 
"I am away in Las Vegas far from family and friends, but since it is Easter Sunday, I joined in on my favorite church’s online service," said Kylie Whitlow. 

It’s the first Easter weekend in years that native Houstonian, Kylie Whitlow has not been home to celebrate with her extended family.
"We usually get together with our cousins, uncles and aunts and we do a big Easter brunch or lunch," Whitlow said. 

Instead of the typical egg hunts for the little ones and rejoicing His resurrection together at church, Whitlow and her family, like many others across the world, tuned into a virtual service Sunday morning instead.

"They had everyone that was part of the choir join in via Zoom and the technology alike to sing and provide music and it just felt like you were there in church, but it was virtual. It was amazing and so good to feel this community with all the technology that we have. Even though we’re so far apart, it feels like we’re so close together," Whitlow said. 

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But even for families who do live in the same city, Easter 2020 wasn’t the same with social distancing orders still in place.

On Houston's northside, family, friends and fellow parishioners of Grandma Belzora Easley, doubled up their celebrations and got a little creative to make her feel extra special on her 96th birthday. 

Her grandson, Sheldon Theragood convinced about two dozen people to decorate their car windows with balloons and happy birthday signs to surprise Grandma Bel at her house with a drive-by car parade. 

"If they know my grandma, they’re going to do whatever it takes to come out and cover up with a mask or put gloves on to see that," Theragood said. 
 Theragood said Grandma Bel is a selfless woman who practically raised him and dedicates so much of her time to helping others.
"Any time they need something, they can call on grandma and she doesn’t care who it is - she’s going to pray for them and make sure they’re okay," Theragood said.