Facility in Houston for migrant children could open in a few days

A building that will house migrant children could be days away from opening its doors. 

Located east of Downtown Houston, 419 Emancipation is leased out to Southwest Key, a nonprofit that already houses migrant children in 16 residential facilities in Texas. This location may soon be number 17.

For weeks, we have heard from protestors and activist against the future detention center, saying they won’t stand for a place that separates migrant families. Even Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner said last month he does not support a facility that will be used to house these children.

The building already failed its first inspection, but they have another one set for this Thursday. Senator Sylvia Garcia says she spoke with a lawyer for Southwest Key who claims they have all their permits in line, and if they pass on Thursday can open up as early as this weekend.

Garcia does not  believe they have the proper permits, and is waiting to see how Thursday’s inspection turns out.

“Nobody wants to see children separated from their families. It’s inhumane, it’s in my view un-Christian. It is not the values of this city, and this city is a city with a heart, it’s a city that’s welcoming to so many people, and this is not what we do in Houston,” Garcia tells FOX 26 in a phone interview.

In a statement to FOX 26, Southwest Key told us, "We are waiting on final licensing from the State. Until that is complete, we cannot open."

Senator Garcia says if the detention center opens this weekend she’ll have lots of questions and will speak with lawyers.