Facebook offers new privacy tool to limit sharing personal information

Facebook says it has spent billions, in the last year, on 'security measures'.        

While the social media giant makes its money by using personal information to sell advertising, it also faces scrutiny over 'how much' it knows about users. Now, a new tool is available to limit how much of that personal information gets shared.

It's important to remember that there's not an easy way to be online and stay hidden from those looking to track our movements. Any time you surf the net or scroll through social media, websites and apps are collecting a record to learn more about you.

LINK: Consumer Reports has easy-to-follow instructions on limiting how much of your information is shared.

"Their whole business model is 'how can I take the data that I have about my users... sell it for ads and ad-revenue," says digital marketing expert Beth Guide, "It's very easy to tailor ads to people when you know what they do and what their likes are."

Responding to those concerns, Facebook has unveiled a new privacy setting for 'off-facebook activity'. It, essentially, cuts off targeted, personal information that apps and websites share when off-Facebook. The tool is buried in Facebook's quick-help menu, under 'privacy shortcuts', where there is an option to 'view and clear your off-facebook activity'. There's a lot of information there, including a long list of advertisers who have uploaded your contact information.        

The tool also allows you to decide which websites get your information, in the future. A good start might be to clear them all and decide, individually, which ones you don't mind sharing with.