Driver says he bought watered down gas at area Kroger gas station

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“I’ve never had this experience before so this was shocking to me,” said Hany Arafat.

Arafat was on empty when he left his parents’ house in Pearland Friday night. He stopped at this Kroger gas station on Shadow Creek Parkway. He says he’s gotten gas here many times in the past.

“Filled up with gas filled up the tank,” Arafat said.

But after driving a few miles Arafat says he noticed something was wrong.

“I noticed that the car was sputtering and the engine was refusing to accelerate,” said Arafat.

Arafat says he knew he needed to pull over and call a tow truck. He says he had his car towed to America’s Repair at 2005 Gessner because he trusts the owner Andre Youssef.

“I dropped the gas tank cause the car was missing really bad,” Youssef said. “I don’t want to keep the car running with the bad gas.”

Youssef says he took this sample of the gas.

“Usually the gas is like a very yellow color,” said Youssef. “But this one as you can tell is more water than gas.”
Arafat says the bad gas cost him over 600 dollars in repairs and it could have been worse.

“If we have to replace the injector and you have four of them that will cost another thousand dollars,” said Youssef said.

“It’s an unnecessary expense in this kind of economy,” Arafat said. “The way things are right now you want to preserve every penny that you can.”

Arafat contacted the Kroger in Pearland where he bought the gas and was told they would be investigating his claim.

A spokesperson with Kroger told us they are in contact with their gas distributor to determine how this happened.

Remember you can end up buying bad gas from just about any station or store so be sure to always keep your receipt.