Driver charged with possessing plate flipper while driving on Houston toll road

One driver is facing charges after authorities discovered something you wouldn't normally find on a vehicle. 

According to Harris County Precinct 1, 21-year-old Dorian Magee is charged with possession of a license plate flipper. 


Authorities said a captain in an unmarked patrol vehicle with Precinct 1 observed a vehicle driving without a license plate on the Hardy Toll Road southbound, approaching the Sam Houston Toll Road. 

When the vehicle approached the toll collection area, the captain saw the vehicle activate a license plate flipper and displayed a Louisiana license plate. 

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A traffic stop was conducted on the vehicle. 

When officials asked Magee about the flipper, he said he owned it for about a month. 

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Officials remind all drivers to be safe on roll roads and all toll road violations will be taken seriously.