Dozens of families possibly suing after deadly explosion damages homes

On Saturday, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner met with homeowners impacted by Friday’s deadly explosion.

“It’s a very difficult circumstance,” Mayor Turner told homeowners.  “We’re going to stay with you.”

Two people were killed early Friday morning from the large explosion at Watson Grinding. Many homes near the blast were also severely damaged.

Catherine Laake lives along Stanford Court.  According to Laake, her home was damaged in Hurricane Harvey, Tropical Storm Imelda, and now by an explosion.

Laake and her family had been sleeping when a loud boom jolted them awake.

“I thought it was a bomb,” said Kim Laake, Catherine’s daughter.  “I saw bright lights which apparently was the fire. That’s what helped me see the ceiling crashing down on me.”

“Some people came from outside and got the sheetrock off so I could get out of bed,” said Catherine.  “I was stuck.”

Attorney Rob Kwok held a town hall Saturday morning for people impacted by the blast. Several law firms have already filed suit over the explosion.

“My goal is to put all of these people back to where they were at 4:29 yesterday morning,” said Kwok.

“I had no idea that there was a plant over there,” said Kim Laake.  “I knew there were businesses, but nothing with chemicals.”

We asked Mayor Turner if there’s anything that can be done to prevent future explosions near homes.

“We do need to have a conversation on a path forward,” said Turner.  “My hope is that in the upcoming legislative session, that the legislature will give us the right to know what chemicals exist [in each business].”