Dog makes 'miracle' escape after avoiding crusher blade in garbage truck

A dog made a “miracle” escape from a garbage truck in Ipswich, near Brisbane, Austrailia in February after almost being crushed by a compactor.

The RSPCA, who on February 14 published CCTV footage of the escape, said the dog was found alive at Willowbank landfill. The animal welfare group is appealing for more information about the animal, who had been nicknamed Tippie.

“How he survived is nothing short of a miracle,” said RSPCA Queensland spokesman Michael Beatty.

“Everyone originally thought that he had been tied up and thrown in a bag, but it’s now apparent that he was badly entangled in debris. It appears that he was hurled in with the bin contents and then whirled around with the rubbish as the crusher blade comes down again and again. No one can believe he’s still alive.”

Tippie is now in RSPCA care and his owner has been visiting him.