Disarm hate: Congresswoman leads gun control reform

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Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee held a press conference downtown Wednesday, calling on Congress to pass what she called common sense gun reform.

“I'll never forget that phone call, to be told that you can pick the casket of your choice at the funeral home. I'm still stuck, I'm still stuck, we should be graduating our children,” said Calandria Kemp, mother of George Kemp who was murdered.

From Mothers to Faith-based leaders, members of the LGBT community, men and women that wear the uniform and doctors, Tuesday was all about action and demanding what Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee called common sense gun reform.

And while the recent call for gun control emerged after the Orlando massacre, today wasn’t about mass shootings, alone, but Houstonians killed as well.

158 have died this year alone, 77 percent, the victims of homicide by the trigger.

One of the fallen, Lakeisha Lewis,  was just 23. She was killed three weeks ago. Her family attended what started as a press conference, but ended in a march, in the heart of downtown Houston.

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee returns to Washington next week and says she will continue to work with House Speaker Paul Ryan and others on new legislation called “No fly, No Buy,” which the Congresswoman says includes background checks and gun registration all the while maintaining  compliance with the second amendment.