Mysterious streak of light in Houston sky: What caused it?

FOX 26 received several messages from viewers on our Facebook page Wednesday night about a glowing streak of light in the sky.

So what was it? Aliens? A portal to another dimension? FOX 26 Meteorologist Mike Iscovitz says the answer may have to do with the clouds.

(Photo Source: Yanira Moreno)

Cirrostratus clouds are made up of ice crystals. The way the ice is arranged makes up little hexagons – like little prisms – and that can create a "light pillar".

This happens a lot in very cold climates. For example, if there’s freezing fog and a streetlight, you can get a light pillar that looks like it shoots straight up out of the streetlight.

(Photo Source: Yanira Moreno)

In Houston on Wednesday night, it’s possible there was flaring at a local petrochemical plant, and the clouds caused a light pillar effect.

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