Democrats united on repealing Trump tax breaks

On the debate stage in Nevada, there was plenty of disagreement among the Democratic presidential hopefuls.

But there was one point upon which the field found near-unanimous, common ground - the issue of President Trump's tax cuts.

"We have a grotesque and immoral distribution of wealth and income," said Senator Bernie Sanders.

All the Democratic candidates say if elected they would work to reel in the largest tax cut in American history and propose new levys to fund government relief programs ranging from student debt to health care.

"That's something a majority of Americans support, a two-cent wealth tax. It is a question of values," said Senator Elizabeth Warren.

"The idea that we have a tax rate for corporate America at 21 percent is ridiculous.  It should be 28 percent," said former Vice President Joe Biden.

"The rich aren't paying their fair share. We should raise taxes on the rich," said Michael Bloomberg.

As the former House Ways & Means Chairman Congressman Kevin Brady of the Woodlands was a principal author of the Trump Tax cut. He's warning voters of dire consequences if Democrats get their way.

 "Kiss our jobs goodbye, because America had before tax reform one of the worst tax rates in the world, it was the highest that's why we were seeing so many companies overseas," said Brady.

As for raising taxes on the rich, Brady calls that proposal a big mistake.

"You can't build up the poor by tearing down those who create jobs, find those new discoveries, find those new cures, create those new businesses. That's how we find those jobs where we lift people out of poverty," said Brady.

Brady says the Trump Tax cuts saved the average Texas household $2000.