Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden pitches educational plans to Houston teachers

Joe Biden, the Democratic presidential frontrunner, came to Texas to make a statement and he delivered to a crowd of Houston teachers being courted by a slew of other candidates.

"Everybody is going to tell you how they value education. Well, I've got an expression I use - Don't tell me what you value, show me your budget and I will tell you what you value," said Biden

To that end, the two-term vice president proposed tripling the nation's budget for Title 1 schools - the campuses serving low income kids.

With the additional $30 billion, Biden says schools could hire more counselors, nurses and social workers while boosting teacher pay.

As for educators working second jobs while living under a crushing load of student debt, Biden believes it's time for relief.

"The answer is, if you are teaching, you should be able to have your student loan basically paid off," said Biden.

And while education was the principle topic of discussion, candidate Biden briefly deviated, touching on both immigration and a First Amendment under fire.

"Look, the Dreamers have adopted the American dream. They are Americans. They already are Americans," said Biden.

"The reason we are who we are is because of a free press. Continuing to denigrate it is dangerous," said Biden, referring to President Trump's vilification of reporters and news outlets.

With the super Tuesday primary still 280 days away, Biden's initial bid for votes here may prove productive.

"I'm going to give everybody a fair shot, but I'm pretty much leaning towards the Vice-President," said Stephen Wilson, an educator at Looscan Elementary.

Biden also proposed free community college for all Americans, contending the measure would pay for itself by generating higher economic growth over time.