'Death is too good for him,' says stepmother of slain 16-year-old teen in Humble

A 60-year-old Humble man is facing a murder charge, accused of shooting and killing his girlfriend's 16-year-old daughter, Lauren Juma. FOX 26 spoke with her father and stepmom on Friday night. 

"My daughter was a very wonderful loving caring person," said Sajjad Juma, Lauren's father. "She loved everybody and everybody loved her."

BACKGROUND: Harris Co. girl, 16, shot and killed; mother's boyfriend charged with murder

A once quiet neighborhood still in shock by the shooting and killing of Lauren. The 16-year-old was a student at Nimitz High School. The teen's life violently taken away by someone family says she trusted.

"He does not need to be let go or set free," said Christina Michell, Lauren's stepmom. "A monster that would kill a little girl, in her life that she trusted for years."

Law enforcement have the suspect, 60-year-old Van Brisbon, who is Lauren's mother's boyfriend, in custody and charged him with murder. We learned Friday night he waived his right to appear in probable cause court and is being held on a $1 million bond. 


Police say, after the shooting, he came out of the house telling them to," do what they had to do."

FOX 26 learned that her 19-year-old sister was the one who called 911 telling police that she was being held at gunpoint by Brisbon. The mother out of town for work came to her daughter dead. 

"Death is too good for him," said Mitchell.  "When he walked outside and said do what you got to do, he was looking for death."