Deadly and violent weekend across Houston leaves two dead

A deadly and very violent weekend across the city of Houston.  At least eleven people were shot in 7 separate incidents leaving two people dead.


Chaos erupted across Houston shortly after midnight.  Three women shot in robberies at two different taco stands in Southeast Houston.  Two people shot in Southwest Houston at an apartment complex and the other at the intersection of Beechnut and West Sam Houston Parkway.  Another shot during an armed robbery in South Houston. And two people shot and killed in West and East Houston one at a gentleman’s club and the other at an apartment complex. 


HPD Chief Charles McClelland spoke about gun violence earlier this week.


“Homicides are up by 30% but the shootings are only up by 3%.  What does that tell you, while the shootings are almost flat they’re more deadly because of the types of guns and weapons the individuals are carrying,” McClelland said.


This was evident at the Chick’s Cabaret in East Houston where police say a man was shot to death after a fight that started inside the club.


“I was just angry someone died. Angry these people don't mind killing people for something ignorant,” Gerald Dillard said.


And down in Southwest Houston neighbors are on edge after another man was gunned down in the parking lot of the Madison Apartments.  Many say gun violence is out of control.


“It's happening more and more frequently something you hear in Chicago not Houston but it's unbelievable,” Phillip Brooks said.


Police are still searching for the gunman in those deadly shootings.  Anyone with information is asked to call crime stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.