Cypress residents skeptical of woman who says she works for non-profit

"She seemed very believable, a single mom, somebody I wanted to help," said Harry Wright.

When the woman knocked on Wright's door, he says he didn't question what she told him.

"She was very believable, she had a story that made sense to me. I was in a giving mood and it seemed like a good opportunity for me to give something back to the community," Wright said.

Wright wrote a check to the woman for 165 dollars and followed her advice to donate the books to a battered women's shelter. He says the woman told him his neighbor was extremely generous.

"The amount of money she spent was more like 350 dollars, but I did not need to spend that much," said Wright.

When his wife Joanna arrived home from an out of state trip, she says she read posts about the woman on the Longwood Subdivision Facebook page.

"I'm reading it to him to tell him to be on the lookout for her and he said it's too late she already did it," Joanna Wright said.

It appears the woman doesn't like it when homeowners question her nonprofit called Family Tree.

"If you ask questions or tell her I need to verify that this is correct, could you come back in a few minutes, it enrages her and she just goes off talking to herself cursing," said Joanna Wright.

We could not find a nonprofit by the name of Family Tree in Texas.

We looked up the website on the receipt the woman gave Wright and it stated Family Tree was a business trading program, not a nonprofit, and it didn't mention anything about helping victims of domestic violence.

The address listed for Family Tree is a post office box.

FOX 26 called the number and left a message, but have yet to hear back. The Houston Area Women's Center told us Family Tree has never given them any kind of donations.