Cyber-attack targets private student information at Spendora ISD

Splendora ISD officials said that they've received cyber-attack threats toward their network, potentially exposing the private information of students and parents.

In a message from Splendora ISD, officials stated, "We continue to receive threats from the group/individual responsible for hacking our network.  They have threatened a tiered escalation which could include direct messages to parents, students, and staff. We do not know the exact information that they have but it could contain specific names and confidential information such as phone numbers and addresses." 

The officials also remarked that the hackers communicate via text or email, " In previous cases, these messages have been via text and/or email, and have been violent and graphic. The point of this is to incite fear and panic for parents. We will continue to keep you updated as this process continues." 

The school district mentioned that it was first notified of the threat early Wednesday, and that hackers are looking for confidential information such as phone numbers and addresses.

Splendora ISD said that the hackers have hit other districts throughout the country.  Local and federal law enforcement authorities are investigating the case and security is increasing.  School officials warn parents and students, "If you receive threatening emails or texts from a number you do not recognize, do not engage, please send a copy of the text or email to Chief Doerge at"