Cy-Fair ISD teachers protest school reopening

The first day for in-school learning is September 8 for Cy-Fair ISD. Those not using the virtual learning option will attend school on campus, but many teachers that attended Monday’s board meeting took to the podium, one by one, hoping that the decision will be reversed.

While many addressed the board directly, there were dozens that protested outside the building.

“The teachers should’ve had an opportunity to be involved in the opening, re-opening of school. I feel like parents, teachers, administrators should’ve all had to say,” says Karen, a retired school teacher.

Urissa Hunter, who currently works from Cy-Fair ISD tells FOX 26 “My concerns is that we have a lot of health conditions with teachers, and there’s no concern about our safety at this point.“

Judy, a teacher, who did not want to give her last name was very concerned, saying “The CDC and the White House Taskforce on COVID-19 say you should not go back to face to face until your positivity for test is 5%, we are three times that. We should not be going back in the classroom.”

In neighboring Galveston County, more gathered in protest at Clear Creek ISD, upset with the numerous setbacks for the start date.

Christine Parizo a protestor in favor of children heading back to school said “This adversely affects not only my children but 25,000 children in the district whose parents chose brick and mortar learning for them. It’s another week that parents don’t have to take off to sit with their children, it’s another week that a lot of special education kids aren’t getting the support they need.“