Critics of BARC question why some dogs, cats are spayed, neutered only to be euthanized days later

One dog named Jack Sparrow visited BARC. 

"He came into BARC animal shelter on April 27, they decided to neuter him on May 2," said Jennifer Braudway, founder of BARC Task Force.

A week later, Jack was euthanized.

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"So you're going to neuter a dog and kill him, before he even reaches his post-op period, and inflict pain before you intend to kill him," Braudway said. "That sounds more like abuse in this situation."

Why would you neuter a dog, then turn around, and kill him? FOX 26 asked BARC Public Information Officer Corey Stottlemyer.

"We alter all of our pets by ordinance, all of our pets have to be altered before they leave the shelter," he said.

We also asked Stottlemyer why Jack Sparrow didn't make it out of the shelter alive.

"I can't speak to this specific dog. This is from several months ago. I don't have that information readily available," he said. 

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A cat named Jim, met the same fate as Jack Sparrow.

"He was neutered the same day, he came in, and then was killed just days later," Braudway said.

So why did BARC euthanize Jim three days after neutering him?

"He had a lot of medical issues," said Stottlemyer.

There's been recent instances where rescuers or fosters can pick up an animal, only to find it's been euthanized.

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That's what happened to a dog named Judy.

"This poor transporter that I reached out to, cried for an hour sitting in her car," said animal advocate Christine Toomey. "She was devastated that they euthanized this dog that she was there to get."

Stottlemyer blamed a breakdown of communication for Judy's death.

"I've got a lot of people in River Oaks and Memorial that would give a lot of money to BARC if it was being run right," said former Houston City Councilmember Greg Travis. "I could raise millions for BARC, he can't raise anything."


All dogs and cats can be adopted from BARC for free until the end of July.

We can all help save lives by fostering. Click here for more information on how you can foster.