Crestmont Village residents recieve extension

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The resident of Crestmont Village now have until the end of this month to move out.  A judged ruled this morning that the dilapidated complex will officially shutdown October 30th.

The majority of families there are still searching to find a home.

“We were really worried we weren't going to make the deadline and they were just going to put us out,” Christina Douglas said.

The city says they don’t want to do that so they’ve given people a little but more time.  Originally October 8 was supposed to be the cut-off but of the 94 units only 37 units had met the old deadline.

“As a whole I'm excited that nobody will be out because living here everyone is pretty much family and now we don't have to worry about people in the back being put out,” Douglas said.

The receiver of the complex appeared in Civil Court Thursday morning.  He said some residents have felonies so finding another place to go isn’t so easy.

“This is the most embarrassing situation for a family to be relocated because maybe they have a criminal background and they're not able to say they have this criminal background and they need a place to live,” Gerald Womack said.

The folks we spoke with said Crestmont desperately needed to be shutdown.

“I don't have to worry about sewage coming up to my sink, mold climbing up my walls. We've been sick for the past 3-4 weeks. I don't have to worry about that anymore,” Douglas said.

In the end, Crestmont will be demolished and the land will eventually be redeveloped.