Crawfish boil fundraiser for family of Assistant Chief Deputy Clinton Greenwood

In honor of Assistant Chief Deputy Clint Greenwood and days after major developments were made on his case, friends and family of the Precinct Three Officer gather for a crawfish boil.

For those who "Back the Blue," Saturday's crawfish boil was the place to be.

It started with ribbons showing support for the fallen Assistant Chief Deputy Clint Greenwood.

 "When you have the efforts of a certain few in the community, business leaders, that can come together in less than a week, to put this type of event on, it means a lot to the law enforcement community, it shows that the community does care," says Sergeant Villarreal, Precinct 3.

Early in the week investigators identified Williams Francis Kenney, 64, as the gunman who shot and killed assistant Chief Deputy Greenwood after a long simmering obsession and dissatisfaction over a legal-case that didn't go his way.

Kenney was found dead in his home from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Not far from the violence that took his life, Deputy Greenwood's friends and family gathered at the 'Royal Purple Raceway' in Baytown to celebrate the life of someone, many called, a friend. 

"You know they do so much for us and they are very well taken for granted, they really are, there are too many people that don't respect them and that's what we need, that's why we need events like this, to get awareness and get more respect for officers," says Randy Sanderlin, Skyline Jeep Club,

Some even traveled as far as from Corpus Christi.

Madisyn Whitton,  Corpus Christi resident says, "He knew officer Greenwood, so it's nice to help his family out."

Along with the well-wishes, the thin blue lines, flags and stickers Precinct three employees say it showed the love of a community in their time of grieving. 

"I appreciate everybody coming out and I appreciate the response, we really, really appreciate everything this community has done to come together to support Chief Greenwood and his family," says K.W. Bonsal, Captain of Precinct 3.

Villarreal adds, "From the men and women from Precinct 3, along with Constable Eagleton, we appreciate the very gracious support we got from the community and also from other law enforcement agencies that helped us throughout the investigation".