Court dismisses Republican Party of Texas’ lawsuit over drive-thru voting

Texas' 14th Court of Appeals has dismissed the Republican Party of Texas’ attempt to restrict drive-thru and curbside voting in Harris County.

The Court said those filing the lawsuit lack standing and they waited to file the suit too close to the election.

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The Republican Party of Texas filed a lawsuit against Harris County Clerk Chris Hollins hours before early voting officially began on Tuesday.

Harris County has set up drive-thru voting to give more options in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis. According to the county's voting information website, the 10 drive-thru voting locations are open to all registered voters.

In a press release, The Republican Party of Texas said drive-thru voting is "an illegal expansion of curbside voting which should be restricted to only those that are sick or disabled." They argued that drive-thru voting shouldn’t be allowed because the fear of contracting COVID-19 is not a valid excuse.

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