Couple claims Taco Bell employees threw hot grease on them in bizarre brawl

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Police are sorting through a bizarre brawl at a Taco Bell.It happened June 1st at the fast food location on the South Loop at Main.

Investigators say 19-year-old Haronisha Alexander threw a beer bottle outside of a car while in the drive-thru. That's when police say the manager told her to pick up the broken glass.

When Alexander refused and the manager then refused service, police say a fight broke out when Alexander, and those in the car with her, attacked the employees in Taco Bell.
Alexander says her 17-year-old boyfriend got out of the car to break up the fight -- when an employee poured hot grease on him.

Police say the employees deny that, claiming they were defending themselves after being attacked by the disgruntled customers.

Those workers also said the female had grease thrown on her when she returned five hours later and threw rocks at the store window.

Taco Bell released a statement saying they're considering filing charges against Alexander and her friends.