Cornyn believes historic gun, school safety law will save lives

"The test for this legislation is whether it will save lives and I believe it will."

Texas Senior United States Senator John Cornyn on the historic bi-partisan Gun and School safety legislation he guided through Congress, just a month after the school massacre in Uvalde claimed 21 lives, 19 of them children.


"Probably the single largest investment in community based mental health services and school safety services, including infrastructure, that will make it possible for parents to send their children to school without fearing for their safety, and make it possible for children to go to school without living in fear," said Cornyn.

The measure, which drew support from 15 Republican senators, also closed the so-called "boyfriend loophole," aimed at keeping firearms out of the hands of convicted domestic abusers while also offering federal grants to state's whose citizens support "red flag" laws designed to keep the mentally ill from possessing and using guns.

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For his efforts, Cornyn stoutly endured the scorn of many at his party's state convention

"There are some people who don't have much concern for the facts or the truth, and they are not interested in having a discussion or even a debate or argument over what the policy should be, they want to yell. I felt it was important to show up, because I didn't want to give anybody the satisfaction of thinking they ran me off, or they somehow intimidated me," said Cornyn.

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Better, says the Senator of two decades, to bolster protection for those who remain as an homage to those we can't get back.

"The correct question is, how can something good come out of this terrible tragedy? And to me, what we did was produce something good, not perfect, but good and something that will save lives in the future?" said Cornyn.