Convicted felon impersonated police officer, tried to intimidate leasing staff

A previously convicted felon is back behind bars after he impersonated a police officer.

John Coote, 30, was arrested after he allegedly impersonated a police officer to intimidate leasing staff. On Wednesday, Harris County Precinct 4 deputies with Constable Mark Herman's Office responded to the 14400 block of Ella Boulevard in north Houston after receiving a call about a man who identified as a police officer.

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When deputies arrives, they were told by a woman she was in an argument with Coote who apparently displayed a gun and badge, telling her he was a police officer in an attempt to threaten the leasing staff threatening an eviction.

John Coote

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Court documents say on Jan. 28, Coote pretended to be a police officer at the same location to gain access to surveillance cameras.

According to Constable Mark Herman, Coote was charged with Impersonating a Police Officer and Felon in Possession of a Firearm. He was also previously convicted on Dec. 16, 2014 of the felony offense of Assault - Family Member.