Contractor caught in state licensing sting in 2011, has three current customers crying foul

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According to state law, you have to have a license before you can even offer a bid to do air-conditioning or electrical work.

In 2011, state investigators said Scott Boyer provided a bid to do both electrical and air-conditioning contracting work, even though at the time, he had no state license to perform either one. When we confronted Boyer about that he admitted to not having the required license and proceeded to give us a piece of his mind.

“You guys are going to air this and you’re going to look the fool, you know why because I’m out hustling doing what I need to do as a man and take care of my family, and you all are wasting my gas and my time to set me up and put me on camera,” Boyer said in 2011. “You should feel shameful of what you’re doing right now.”

“God’s going to frown on you man,” Boyer said four years ago. “I’m already blessed in life and I’ll continue to be blessed in life, you won’t.”

Fast forward to November of 2015. I’m on the phone with Boyer asking him about concerns three of his customers have who contacted FOX 26.

“I wanted to get a back deck built with a cover,” said Donna Blackstock who hired Boyer after seeing his ad on craigslist.

Blackstock says she paid Boyer over three grand but he never finished the deck. Other contractors who’ve looked at the work, Blackstock says describe it as substandard.

“After he left I couldn’t get him to call me or text me or email me,” Blackstock said. “I started doing more research on his name and company and I came across the FOX 26 report from 2011 then I was very angry.”

In addition to Blackstock, we also heard from Boyer’s customer Brook Boswell. Boswell got a $1300 judgment against Boyer. Boswell was doing work for a non-profit that places kids in foster homes when he says he paid Boyer $1000 to install french doors.

After he gave Boyer the grand, Boswell says he never saw him again. Boyer admitted to us he took Boswell’s money and did no work.

He assured us he would be paying the $1300 judgment he owes Boyer.

Another of Boyer’s unhappy customers is Kerry Ann Page, who filed a police report against Boyer after she says she paid him $1000 down for custom cabinets. She too says after paying Boyer, he never came back so she posted a warning on Facebook telling others to be aware.

Boyer however says he doesn’t owe Page anything because his bank reimbursed Page but she says the complete opposite.

Boyer blamed both Page and Blackstock for creating all the problems and didn’t have anything nice to say about either one of them.They say they just want others to do more research before hiring a contractor.
Something they say they wish they had done.

Boyer insisted to us that he has many happy customers.